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Front Foyers

Entryways… Entry halls… Foyers

Once you get through a front door you enter someone’s world. It’s the entrance into the rest of their life hidden behind that doorway.  Is it plain? Colourful? Antique? Wide, narrow, vaulted?  Entryways or foyers set the tone for the rest of the house.  Is it where everyone drops their shoes, school bags, sporting bags?  Is it bare with nothing at all and is merely there to get you from the front door to the rest of the house or from room to room. 

The foyer is the first place to welcome old friends and to greet new people. An entryway is an amazing place to display your style. You can go chic, retro, classy, nautical, country or Victorian and have all the fun or elegance you desire.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make a statement but it gives an impression as soon as it is entered into.

I love entryways, wide entryways.  There is something that I feel about a house as I walk into this area that makes me expectant of what’s to come but also sets the mood for those that enter. That’s why the materials that you use in this area, wood flooring, tiles, timber cladding, dado levels, wallpaper and the colours you use, can really make a difference.

There’s no disputing the importance of this area as the first impression that your house gives to visitors and it’s easy to change. With a fresh coat of paint, a crafted renovation and a new perspective, your entryway can really become a warm and inviting focal point for the whole house.