Chevy Chase Maryland by Anthony Wilder Design/Build


I love the word style, to be 'stylish', to have a 'classic elegance', or be 'timeless' always reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I like many styles of homes, but there is one thing that they must all have, and that's Soul.  Houses aren't just the materials they are made out of, they need to be put together to create a home; a safe haven, a place of love and warmth, where friends and family can relax and be themselves. 

Personally, I love a home that has timeless character. I'm especially passionate about classic homes such as Beach Houses and Cottages. Hamptons and American-inspired homes such as Modern Barnhouses, Farmhouses, Cape Cod and the houses of New England.

Don't waste money on size, build something that functions well for your needs and add a few details to make it unique like you. From 'She-Sheds' and 'Man Caves' to family homes, what ever you do, do it well, with excellence.