Timber is the only building material that is completely sustainable, but what about the wastage of what is left over after the timber has been cut.  There is an enviromentally friendly solution.

Weathertex is a natural product that appeals to a market that wishes to use a sustainable product with little impact on the environment. It is a reconstituted hardwood used to make weatherboards and panels for cladding in domestic and commercial buildings. Weathertex cladding contains 97% pulped timber and 3% natural wax. It contains no glues, resins, or silica.

Features and Benefits:

• Easy to install: lightweight, strong and easy to cut using standard DIY tools

• 100% Natural: 97% timber and 3% natural wax

• Better than zero carbon footprint

• Termite resistant: all sugars and starches removed

• 25 year Guarantee: not to rot, split or crack

• Weathertex produces 100% of its product from sustainable new growth Australian hardwood

• 100% Australian owned and operated company

Using Weathertex Weatherboards or Architectural Panels helps offset the positive carbon footprints of the other construction elements used such as steel, brick, concrete and fibre cement. Timber truly is a carbon friendly building material.

Weathertex cladding products are available in a series of pre-primed finishes including timber grain,
smooth finish and ruff sawn. Some products are available without primer so the natural timber can be used as a feature finish.  It comes in many shapes and sizes for convenience

Classic Weatherboards
This product is designed to blend with alternate building materials such as brick, render, and stone.

Primelok Weatherboards
The overlapping of each board conceals fixings, resulting in smooth, clean, straight lines.

Selflock Weatherboards
Have a simple self-locking system, which allows every board to align perfectly and without effort. The precise routing gives the product that beautiful and unique ship lapped profile.

Rubix Panel
This product is a self-locking Architectural Panel product available in square or rectangular panels designed to be joined on or off-stud.

This vertically grooved panel has been designed to clip onto the rebated edges of each panel, blending in perfectly for a continuous panel finish.