Hot Trend - Timber Cladding

Given the popularity of Modernist-inspired architecture, we’re so used to seeing sharp edges and hostile materials in home design – concrete, steel and myriad other industrial finishes. And I believe that it’s for this reason that timber cladding, with its softening effect, has been steadily gaining momentum as a trend. “Timber cladding can suit a traditional or contemporary home design, complementing other exposed building materials such as concrete and brick,” says Boral Timber national sales and distribution manager Leon Travis.

“The adaptability of timber cladding can make it a material of choice across anything from interior and exterior walls and fences to sheds and garages. It may be installed vertically or horizontally to add character to a property. Words like ‘shiplap’ have become buzzwords among renovators both locally and internationally. Shiplap is simply the name of a timber cladding profile that’s proving popular as a feature timber,” says Leon.

“Boral hardwood timber cladding showcases the beauty of popular Australian timbers, including blackbutt and spotted gum, and is an economical finish for both new and old buildings,” says Leon.

Aside from bringing warmth, and a striking aesthetic, to the exterior of a home, timber cladding is also highly adaptable to Australia’s harsh weather conditions and carries energy efficiency benefits too. Timber has air pockets that create a natural barrier to heat and cold, thus forming an insulation layer around a home, and can even help reduce energy bills too.

And for those worried about termites, some timber species are better than others. “Forming a unique feature of many architecturally designed commercial and residential buildings, blackbutt cladding in particular is often chosen due to the species’ naturally termite resistant properties and fire resistance. Its attractive colouring also creates a blank canvas for achieving a custom stained finish,” says Leon.

In a high fire risk area?  Species like Blackbutt and Spotted gum have a natural fire resistance and can be used in bush-fire prone areas up to BAL 29

Boral’s solid timber products are sourced from sustainably managed and legal forestry.

Range - Profile & Dimensions

Rusticated Cladding

Profile Sizes: 127 mm x 19 mm
Board Lengths: Random length packs, lengths 900 mm and greater.

Shadow Cladding

Profile Sizes: 125 mm x 19 mm
Board Lengths: Random length packs, lengths 900 mm and greater.

Ship-Lap Cladding

Profile Sizes: 128 mm x 19 mm
Board Lengths: Random length packs, lengths 900 mm and greater.


Seasoned (Kiln Dried), Dressed.

When an exterior pigmented stain or painted finish is chosen, one or two final coats should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Light coloured paints and stains are recommended.

NOTE: Where cladding is installed without the application of a surface coating, weathering of these products will occur.

The long term performance of cladding is dependent on regular and effective maintenance. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the type of finish and the degree of exposure to the weather. Recoating and any further preparations should be carried out in accordance with the finish manufacturer’s specifications.


Shadow Cladding - Spotted Gum           Suitable for BAL Rating 29