BLUM is by far the leader in its field when it comes to the mechanics of cabinetry.  There is no more slamming of cupboards or draws in this world of soft closures.

Blum was founded in 1952 by blacksmith Julius Blum in Hochst Austria.  It has nearly 7,000 employees and has 27 subsidiaries worldwide.

Blum specialises in the production of fittings and systems for furniture, in particular, kitchens. It is trusted and renowned worldwide for designing a comprehensive range of high quality industry leading products that significantly enhance user convenience and ergonomics in the kitchen and home. With well-thought-out function, internationally recognised designs and high durability; Blum lift, drawer and hinge systems withstand intensive daily use for the lifetime of the furniture. Blum fittings work within furniture interiors creating the perfect balance between exterior form and interior function ensuring the functionality and beauty of designs become a reality.

Blum has been observing the way people use their kitchens all over the world for 60 years. This research assists in identifying unique insights and creating resources and design solutions that have been embraced by designers and cabinet makers alike.